Consultant participation in the ISO certification process and ISO Maintenance Cycles


As part of your ISO certification consulting or ongoing ISO maintenance consulting, EQS ISO consultants will complete one round of audits for your company in any calendar year to help your company prepare for Registrar surveillance visits. An audit report will be made by your ISO consultant and uploaded unto your Qshare account. All non-conformities will be uploaded and appropriate corrective actions entered into your software, ready for your employees to start working on them.

Management review meetings

EQS ISO consultants will facilitate one annual management review meeting for your organization, where they will present the findings of audits, pending and completed corrective actions etc. They would also help you with analysis of your management system data and present the same to your management to help them allocate resources appropriately.

Registrar visit attendance

EQS ISO consultants will function as guides when attending surveillance or certification visits that are conducted by your registrar. They will not represent you directly to your auditors and would not answer questions directed to you by your auditors in trying to gauge your understanding of your management system.

Health & Safety compliance

Companies that have a Health & Safety management system (depending on size and complexity of operations) would normally require additional resources to manage the day to day HS compliance and enforcement issues. EQS ISO consultants would only be involved with formal management system tasks related to auditing and related reporting etc.

Additional consultant time

Sometimes due to unexpected events or other customer-driven requirements, you may need your ISO consultant for a few days to help you with some management system related activities. This will be charged at the prevailing man-day rates. Please ensure you give sufficient notice to EQS to ensure consultant availability. (2 weeks or more)