Qshare — Quality systems made easy

The ISO 9001 series of generic standards are today applied to all types of organizations covering all industries. Schools, law firms and hospitals. Manufacturing industries and construction companies.

Any type of enterprise can attain certification to ISO 9001. ISO 9001 can help both product and service oriented organizations achieve standards of quality that are recognized and respected around the world.

Environmental & Quality Solutions (EQS) is at the forefront in ISO management systems implementation and maintenance. We specialize in helping companies achieve and maintain a wide range of management systems.

Most companies after being certified to ISO standards, realize that achieving and maintaining a quality, health and safety and environmental management system to ISO standards can be a formidable and expensive challenge. In most cases companies lose the initial enthusiasm and zeal of successful certification after the first year.

Maintaining the system thereafter becomes more of a burden than the natural consequence of an efficient quality management system.

Attain and maintain ISO certification with Qshare

Qshare, one of the leading products of EQS, its a new revolutionary concept designed to help companies like yours to:

  • Achieve ISO certification,
  • And maintain your ISO certification, by
  • Sharing the services of highly qualified quality professionals and state-of-the-art enterprise software technology, at a fraction of the cost of providing these resources in-house.

This feat is achieved utilizing our state-of-the-art and first of its kind, online enterprise  maintenance portal, Qshare Central.

24-hour communication
Qshare Central is designed with a built-in remote maintenance interface that guarantees 24 -hour communication capability between:

  • employees in your organization
  • your Qshare consultant
  • your ISO registrar
  • and your clients.

Access to world markets

Qshare member companies are also listed in the exclusive list of Qshare Central members.  This is a free, global advertisement opportunity for your company, its products and of course, its well-managed quality system.

Qshare Central is designed to be the one-stop search engine for clients looking for ISO certified companies to do business with, in specific regions of the world. Being listed as a Qshare Central member company, instills confidence in clients that you not only have a quality system, but one that is professionally managed by professionals.

At Qshare Central you can give limited access to your select clients to directly view your company profile, including your quality policy manual.

Attaining and maintaining your management system to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 has never been easier.  We invite you to go the Qshare Central way!

User-specific access

With access to Qshare Central, your assigned company administrator or your consultant can create and manage user accounts of your employees, giving them specific access rights to areas of your quality system.

Every employee is assigned a unique username and password to facilitate access to the system from anywhere in the world. All they need is an internet connection. For example, your administrator (or anyone assigned rights) can,

  • remotely schedule internal ISO audits and ISO management review meetings
  • raise, monitor and close ISO corrective and preventive actions, and
  • interface with your Qshare ISO consultant and ISO certification Registrar..

Employees in your organization can

  • view ISO procedures
  • submit document change requests
  • enter customer complaints and feedback
  • manage suppliers
  • and work on corrective actions assigned to them.

Please remember to ask your local EQS-Qshare representative for a comprehensive demonstration of the Qshare Central Application.

Anytime, anywhere access

You will be able to gain access to your quality system from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. This is important for companies with several remote locations, or for traveling executives.

Your Qshare ISO consultant can remotely keep an eye on your quality system and related training of your employees and other quality system maintenance tasks without having to physically visit your premises and disrupt your busy schedule. On-site ISO consultant visits are only necessary to conduct

  • Internal ISO audits
  • ISO Management review meetings
  • ISO Readiness reviews
  • ISO Registrar audits, and
  • Specific instructor-led ISO training; if required.