The Qshare Solution – Designed to address your needs

Achieve ISO certification and maintain ISO standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 for your management systems with EQS, using Qshare Central.

Qshare Central is an enterprise web application software, designed to create an open communication loop between you, your Qshare ISO consultant, your ISO Registrar and your clients. Your unique Qshare ISO Solution under one roof.

The system is designed with a built-in remote maintenance interface that ensures 24-hour communication capability between you, your Qshare ISO consultant and your ISO Certification Registrar. Qshare consultants provide:

  • In-depth ISO industry knowledge.
  • Experience and capability to facilitate a streamlined ISO certification process.
  • An ability to understand your needs and tailor the ISO certification process to fit your business and your schedules.
  • Regular monitoring, remote ISO maintenance and online support.

All this, at highly competitive prices!