EQS has a network of independent auditors and process monitors deployable worldwide. EQS monitors are highly trained, locally educated, dedicated compliance personnel, specializing in various industry sectors.

Strategically located, our global network enables an immediate response to your monitoring needs with qualified professionals located in most major Oil & Gas Production areas around the world, allowing for prompt turn-around time with limited travel expense.

EQS monitors are local to the country in which they operate, ensuring that they have the language skills, as well as the cultural understanding to communicate effectively with facility management and employees. Our monitors have backgrounds in a variety of industries. Each potential monitor must prove their abilities to analyze information fairly and thoroughly, remain true to conclusions, and interact well with all personnel.

Monitors are well versed in local labor laws and understand Production specific issues and the challenges inherent in the global Oil & Gas Production workplace.

To ensure the continued use of the most up to date labor law information, we have entered into legal service agreements with professional labor law practitioners in all the major Oil &Gas Production countries throughout the world. These services provide our monitors and support staff with the most updated legal developments.

EQS monitoring services include:

  • Independent Monitoring
  • Management systems monitoring and compliance auditing
  • Management systems compliance and monitoring software

Inspection Risk Management

This is our inspection service, which would include inspection at both load port and discharge port, in this way we would ensure your cargo is better protected. This service would include an initial consultancy, investigation and technical report, which would explain to the customer our findings about loading and discharge logistics, infrastructure and weighing/sampling procedures.

On subsequent shipments, monitors will be present throughout both loading and discharge to supervise operations, detect inferior quality cargo and ensure that correct procedures are being adopted to prevent your consignment from discrepancies, contamination or damage.

Every monitoring inspector is equipped with a mobile phone and internet connectivity via our monitoring input devices (Apple I Pads as standard) so that we can inform customers immediately if there are any problems during loading or discharge procedures, Letters of Protest can be issued upon request.

All details are taken on demand and uploaded to client monitoring accounts within our software portal (Qshare Central) to provide visual evidence of the material’s quality and cargo operations. A detailed report will be produced and uploaded onto your Qshare portal as soon as any monitoring audit is completed. This ensures real time access by the client of latest monitoring audit reports and related non compliances and corrective actions being taken. Only EQS can guarantee this capability among its peers utilizing our state of the art online management systems software, “Qshare Central”

We specialize in:

  • ISO 9001 Certification Monitoring and Maintenance
  • ISO 14001 Certification Monitoring and  Maintenance
  • ISO 29001 Certification Monitoring and  Maintenance
  • API Q1 and Q2 Certification Monitoring and  Maintenance,
  • Oil & Gas Monitoring of Inspection Services, and
  • ISO 45001 Certification  Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Our schemes are supported by highly qualified and experienced Consultants.

Consultant Support

  • Onsite support
  • Internal audits
  • Management review meetings
  • 24/7 software online support
  • Reach your Consultant through the Qshare ticketing system

Our client packages includes full on-going Consultant support. EQS consultants will be assigned to your account and can be reached through our state-of-the-art Qshare ticketing system found within the Qshare application.